Carpet Cleaning

We use a high power truck-mounted carpet cleaning system widely recognised in the industry as the most effective way of cleaning carpets.

The system is fully self contained with its own power source, water and waste tanks making it highly efficient, reducing cleaning times and disruption and hence reducing cleaning costs.

The cleaning process consists of:

  1. Pre-treatment of the carpet with a powerful cleaning solution which is non-allergenic and environmentally friendly.
  2. The carpet is then deep cleaned using the high power truck-mounted system
  3. Any persistent stains are treated individually.
  4. A final rinsing process contains a deodorising and sanitising treatment to leave the carpets feeling clean and fresh.
  5. An optional Carpet Protector treatment can be applied if required to give protection against spills and stains and maintain the appearance of your carpets.
  6. As most of the moisture is removed during the process the majority of carpets will be dry and the room useable within 2 hours.

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