Frequently asked questions

Question:    What is a truck-mounted system?

Answer:       A truck-mount is a fully self contained cleaning system that is permanently fixed into the van. It has it’s own power unit, water and waste tanks. we simply run hoses into the property to connect to the cleaning tools. It is far more powerful than the typical portable electric appliances used by most carpet cleaners and results in a deeper more superior clean.


Question:    How long will my carpets take to dry?

Answer:       Drying times are typically 2-4 hours depending on drying conditions and carpet type.


Question:    Is anything you use harmful to children or pets?

Answer:       In a word: No. The cleaning chemicals we use are non toxic, non allergenic and environmentally friendly . The carpet/fabric is fully rinsed during the cleaning process to remove all traces of the cleaning chemicals used. We do ask that children and pets are kept out of the room while we are cleaning.


Question:    My carpet is heavily stained, will your system remove all of these stains?

Answer:       Though we cannot give a cast iron guarantee that we can remove 100% of all stains we find that the vast majority of marks (>95%) come out with the initial clean. We always attempt to remove any remaining stains with a range of further treatments that we carry at no additional cost.


Question:    Do I need to do anything to prepare before your visit?

Answer:       We ask that the rooms to be cleaned are as clear of smaller items as possible and freshly vacuumed. We are happy to move furniture such as sofas but will not move items containing glass or electrical items.


Question:    I live in a flat, is that a problem?

Answer:       It is not usually a problem providing we can get access to a window from which we can drop the hoses. We do not generally clean above the 4th floor.


Question:    When and how do I pay?

Answer:       We do not ask for any payment until we are finished and you are happy with our work. We accept cash and all major debit/credit cards excluding American Express. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer by prior arrangement if required,